Timber Wrap

Timber Wrap And Builders’ Film

Our construction film range comprises timber wrap and builders’ film.

Our timber wrap is designed with a ‘U-Fold’ creasing to custom order and usually made in natural or opaque material, in print form with UV protection as necessary. The film wrap is ideal for wrapping timber and other materials such as plasterboard, aluminium or other long packs. We can also custom manufacture to your preferred sizes and colours, as well as custom printing.


Custom Made Builders’ Film

Our builders’ film is a standard stockline item which includes our recycled black medium, high impact black, recycled natural industrial, recycled orange medium and high impact orange ranges. Builders’ film is available in 2,000mm and 3,000mm widths, 50m and 100m lengths and 100um to 200um in thicknesses.

Our films are made from traceable raw materials and are free of Calcium Carbonate, often found as an additive in imported products.