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At Polywrap, “we know film”

  • We are 100% Australian owned
  • We provide Nationwide service – we can organise transportation or deliver by way of your own transportation service

We are proud of our ability to offer a high quality range of products that are manufactured in Australia.

Bin liner sales and pricing:

Our heavy duty range is genuinely ‘heavy duty’; thicknesses range from 9 μm – 60 μm and can be custom ordered at higher gauges. Materials vary from 100% compostable to recycled polyethylene resin, available in tinted colour, natural (clear) or back colour form.

Carton purchases of our bin liner range can be picked up directly from our Moorabbin factory in Victoria or delivered to your location.

Wholesale and trade pricing inquiries can be made by phone or email to sales@polywrap.com.au. Wholesale and trade sales are subject to customer pre-approval.

Minimum order quantities apply to retail orders (5 cartons); prices vary based on product type and quantum per carton. Retail pricing inquiries can also be made by phone or email to sales@polywrap.com.au.

By way of example, the current retail price (Winter 2023) for a carton of 100 loose, 240 litre heavy duty recycled black bin liners, 1,420mm (L) x 1,120mm (W) at 60 μm (genuine heavy duty) is $92, excluding GST, or $109, excluding GST, for the equivalent size and 60 μm thickness made from virgin material; prices are available on request for our entire range. Most competitor products at this size are made at less than half the thickness (eg. 25 μm) and therefore a like for like comparison in price should account for the lack of strength of competitor products and which are typically imported; essentially at 60 μm each of these bin liners is made with more than double film material and therefore are much stronger. Superior quality is assured.

We encourage buyers to check metric sizes, country of origin of manufacture, resin compositions and in particular, thicknesses (μm) when comparing prices. Imported bin liners are subject to the risk of inferior production standards, including poor labour regulation and contamination of raw materials used to produce them and consequently we encourage customers to buy our Australian made film packaging.

100% Compostables  – heavy duty – Australian manufactured bin liner range:

We are now pleased to offer 100% compostable heavy duty bin liners manufactured at our own facility. The current range is as follows:

  • 72 litre heavy duty – 30 μm
  • 80 litre heavy duty – 45 μm
  • 120 litre heavy duty – 45 μm
  • 240 litre heavy duty – 60 μm

We would be pleased to discuss this exciting range with you; please contact us for further details.

Custom made film:

We work with you to design and produce film to your customised requirements. Film materials vary by way of length and width of size, form and fold (sheets – loose or bags on roll, lay flat, gusseted, centre-fold, perforated, wicketed, punch holed), seal (side, bottom), print design and format (inline, flexographic print, including surface treatment for effective ink adhesion), colour (tinted in a range of colour options, natural, opaque, black) and thickness, amongst other factors.

Additives may be used such as UV, slip, metallocene, antiblock and antistatic agents to enhance the performance of the film for your specific product needs and we can assist to select the basic composition of the film resin such as polyethelyne virgin grade or recycled, or alternatively compostable, including the polymer type for non-compostables (low density, linear low density, high density), which often comprises a blend of polymer types.

Many products can now be made using compostable and recycled alternatives and we would be pleased to discuss these with you.

We maintain traceability records of our source raw material products, vital to their safe use, and proudly manufacture in Australia.

Prices will vary based on the resin composition, additives used, volume made, size and thickness of the film manufactured, type of print and its form, including the nature, if any, of conversion performed to produce the final film material.