Modified Atmosphere – Polywrap MAP

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) film

Polywrap MAP is a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) film specifically developed to improve the life of fresh fruit and vegetables during storage and transport and helps producers and exporters get fresher fruit and vegetables to their customers.

The Polywrap MAP bags slow down the natural ageing process by allowing ethylene and other harmful gasses to escape, while retaining moisture and ensuring the produce does not dehydrate. This process significantly reduces the rate of ripening.

When used with normal refrigeration conditions Polywrap MAP will extend the life of your product and help maintain its freshness.

Our grower customers have been particularly pleased with the results gained from using Polywrap MAP bags with pears and stone fruits, including cucumbers and broccoli that have proven very successful. Trials were also performed with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for packaging of mangos and the feedback was very positive.

Polywrap MAP bags are primarily made of low density polyethylene. An additive is included with the polyethylene to significantly increase the film permeability allowing harmful gasses to escape. The additive used by Polywrap was specifically designed with us, and for us, by one of the world’s leading plastic masterbatch and additive producers.

Polywrap has previously commissioned the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture to compare the effect of Polywrap MAP with our two main competitors on cherry quality. Polywrap MAP proved to outperform the industry leader of the time in 3 out of 5 categories tested after 15 days storage. Overall Polywrap MAP was judged equal to the industry leader and significantly outperformed our other competitor. A copy of the published results can be supplied on request.

Polywrap MAP is proving to be a very economical solution for extending the life and quality of produce in transit and storage.

For more information call our Technical Manager, Geoff Turner, on 61 3 9532 2568.

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Modified Atmosphere
Modified Atmosphere
Modified Atmosphere