Environmentally Friendly Bags

Wide Range Of Environmentally Friendly Bags

Eco Range Film And Bags

Our eco range of film and bag products uses material that is 100% compostable. Our standard stockline range includes compostable bin liners manufactured to a heavy duty gauge. This range includes the following bin liner stock items:

  • 72 litre heavy duty – 30 μm
  • 80 litre heavy duty – 45 μm
  • 120 litre heavy duty – 45 μm
  • 240 litre heavy duty – 60 μm

The compostable bin liner range complies with:

  • Australian Standard AS 5810, “Biodegradable plastics suitable for home composting”, certified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA), Australia
  • Australian Standard AS 4736 – “Biodegradable Plastics suitable for composting and other microbial treatment”, certified by Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA), Australia

We are able to produce film to your requirements using compostable resin and would be pleased to work with you on your specific product needs.