Bin Liners

Bin Liners

Our heavy duty bin liner range is genuinely ‘heavy duty’

We manufacture in a range of thicknesses from 9 μm  – 60 μm and you can custom order at higher gauges. Materials vary from 100% compostable to recycled polyethylene resin, available in tinted colour, natural (clear) or black and other opaque colours of your choice. The compostable resin is certified as home compostable material and at the higher gauges is suitable for heavy duty use purposes.

Our standard heavy duty bin liner range comprises of the following sizes in litres, sold as single bags in cartons or, in rolls where noted:

  • 36: White & recycled
  • 54: Green, Natural and White & recycled
  • 72: Black, Natural & recycled (including rolls)
  • 80: Black & recycled (including rolls)
  • 120: Black & recycled (including rolls)
  • 240: Black, Natural & recycled (including rolls)

Our bin liners are manufactured and tested for use in Australia. We cater for wholesale sales and have minimum purchase quantities that are available on request. Or bin liner range is typically sold through reputable distributors across Australia at very competitive prices.

As an Australian recycled, recyclable and compostable plastic film manufacturer with in-house extrusion, printing and conversion capability, we are able to supply to custom order within short time frames and can deliver anywhere in Australia. Customisation is available to vary the type of resin composition, volume per carton or roll, thickness, size, colour and any print type (in-line or flexographic print) included on the bin liner bags. Popular colours include red, green and blue both in tint and opaque form. Our technical team is available on request to work with you on your specific needs as necessary.

Please contact us at or place an order online, for further details of our stockline range, relevant pricing, despatch (for example Freight-In-Store or Ex-Works from our Moorabbin location in Victoria) and delivery details send us an inquiry and one of our consultants will be in touch to assist you.

Bin liners